Monday, June 10, 2013

Back From the sleep

Its been like __ months long ever since i gave my last post.

Oh well~

LinkJoker revived me

No more lucksack triggers for d***!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Bored so i just made a post

With Vanguard pressing its wave on the world,

 why is it that number of people still stuck in yugioh?

 Guys lets face it. Rich People : Yugioh till they part

 Poor People : Vanguard is good to sustain

 For people who move from yugioh to vanguard : Gained true enlightenment as not to let ur money to burn further

 For people who move from vanguard to yugioh (WTF?!) : ya i can only say W T F

Anyway, just to add on Rauzes-sama's post on the entry on clans that he missed out:

I shall not explain on Gold Paladins and Narakami since they are a meta deck and cfm + chop same as Royal and Kagerou~

Angel Feather - Unlimited Card Pool Works

They are the angels and fairies of the United Sanctuary
They practice healing, like what nurses and fairies like to do
Healers, Hospitals and Cupids are in your arsenal...

You have hand size, graveyard, field and what? Damage zone?
With a normal hand, you can even 'edit' your cards with your damage zone to reach a perfect hand

 This clan is for you if:
You like to get a bad hand after mulligan and mis-grade as all your cards you need went to damage zone

This clan is not for you if:
You hate CUTE CUTE
You do not like a deck with 40% of foil (oh yes quite a lot isn't it)
You feel like a devil everyday
You do not have brains (Ah definitely Angel Feather is quite a brain-y deck)

Bermuda Triangle - Bounce bounce bounce bounce (DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT CORRUPT YOUR MIND)

Mermaids of the great oceans
Bouncing for an advantage, be it hand size or extra attack
EB02 settled this archetype for at least 2 builds, what are you waiting for?

This clan is for you if:
You like Oracle Think Tank card arts
You like Mermaids (With clothes that cover less)
You like using women/girls to smash the meta
You like cards that behave like Asura Kaiser (Damn Reindeer)
You like Sendou Emi You like Drawing and lucksack-ing a perfect ride

 This clan is not for you if:
You like manly cards (Dragons/Machines/Dark lords/)
You don't see the point of bouncing around for hand advantage
You don't see the point of drive checking a grade 3 for super advantage
You cannot plan Thats all~ Namonaki, Off!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

1st Vanguard post!

First vanguard post!

I bring... retarded cards..

Auto 【R】: When this unit boost an Eternal Wing in the Vanguard Guard circle, the boosted unit gets POWER+5000. (Critical 3)

As for guys who dunno what is 'Eternal Wing'..

(Critical: 4)
[CONT](VC): All TachiVan listeners are healed.


oh yes stop checking the date. April fools passed long ago.

The Namonaki Duelist, Heading out.

Friday, March 9, 2012

super tech card!!

newest hidden tech!!

just kidding.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Time for a little... Awakening

Yo guys. TND here. I'm back!!

Banlist hit a little too hard this time, but thats how Konami wants ppl to change from synchros to exceeds.

Frog monarch was hit in a wrong way but, time to continue on too.

Vanguard was damn fun. But there are things i love in YGO too.

Guess i'll play both but not randomly buying or collecting all cards at 3 for YGO.

How are u guys coping with your new banlist?

People will be attracted to play Lightlords and Six Samurai, no doubt.

My Declarer Agents/Inzector Agents look kind of dead now lol.

Maybe form chain burn for 2 marshmellow abuse? haha~

Well see you guys!

Friday, December 30, 2011

The end of the line..

Yup. Its negative and a reality.

I'm quitting yugioh as of now.

So if u need any cards just ask me on facebook.

I have quite a lot of cards.

From lavalal chain to xx-saber dark soul.

So just ask me for the cards u wan and quote me the prices.

Monday, December 12, 2011